Utah Business or Commercial Insurance

Business insurance and commercial insurance are one in the same. For several decades Troy J Jensen Insurance Agency Inc. has helped protect local businesses in the event of unexpected losses.

You’ve worked hard to build and create a business of products or services and should ensure that it is protected from unforeseen circumstances. Some of these might be property damage, employee related risks, or legal liability.

You want to make sure that your business and employees are kept safe and that you’ll continue to thrive during any unexpected accidents or hardships that the business may encounter.

Small Business Insurance

What type of business or commercial insurance do I need?

That will be depend on the size of business you have. If you have a small business then we will guide you to help protect the livelihood of you and your employees. We will help tailor the right small business insurance coverage that can cover potential lawsuits and expensive damage that can come as a result of:

  • Workers compensation claims
  • Unexpected natural disasters
  • Workplace accidents
  • Professional errors

Large Business or Commercial Insurance

Every company faces inherent risks and challenges that are unique to their industry. As you work to minimize these risks, the possibility of accidents and damage still exist. You’ll need to ensure that in the event of these circumstances your business is protected. 

We will craft coverage depending on your business needs, including liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation insurance, injury prevention insurance as well as commercial auto Insurance. Give us a call today to begin to ensure peace of mind for the future of your business.

Utah Business/Commercial Insurance Quote