Utah Recreational Vehicle or RV Insurance

It’s not a car, but it’s not quite a house. Although some come really close. Your home on wheels no doubt brings a smile to your face, so let’s keep that smile alive and protect what is yours. What type of recreational vehicle do you own? Is it a motorhome? Is it a trailer? Regardless of what type at home away from home you have, we will help ensure that you get the benefits and coverage you’ll need while you’re out enjoying life. 

RV or Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance can offer you many benefits similar to auto insurance, but will include additional protection based on risks that recreational vehicle owners face. Such as:

Property damage: Unfortunately, accidents happen. And you’ll need to include coverage for another persons property so that way you’re not expected to pay for these repairs or damage personally that you may have caused.

Bodily injury: In the event that another person is hurt or injured as a result of your actions, you’ll need coverage that helps cover their medical expenses. 

Collision damage: This will help pay for damages and repairs that are necessary in the event that your recreational vehicle gets in an accident.

Medical Payment Coverage: if the unfortunate occurs, this coverage will help pay for recovery or treatment you or your passengers may face if they are injured or hurt.

What does recreational vehicle (RV) insurance cost?

Recreational vehicle insurance costs can depend on your age, driving record, and specific policy details such as deductibles and limits, and the types of coverage. But that is what we are here for, to help you understand and create the right coverage for you so that way you can enjoy your recreation time with peace of mind.

Utah Recreational Vehicle/RV Insurance Quote