Utah Homeowners Insurance

Regardless of where your home is in this beautiful state we call Utah, from St. George to the northern border, you probably bask the incredible backdrops of our mountains. With your home in an idyllic location you probably want to protect your valuable investment. At Troy J Jensen Insurance Agency Inc. we are experts in this field. Which is why we offer a wide variety of homeowners insurance solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Homeowners insurance for accidents or destruction

Unfortunately in life, bad things happen to good people, so we encourage you to safeguard your home against accidents, damages, and even theft. Our weather here in Utah tends to be unpredictable. We often times have severe snowstorms, heavy winds and if you reside close to the mountains, even avalanches. For example, is your home located in a spring runoff area? Will that require you to secure homeowners insurance that includes flood damage? If so, you’ll want to choose a homeowners insurance policy that will protect your home from these unfortunate outcomes. Thankfully, as of 2016, the Insurance Information Institute recorded that we have some of the lowest average prices throughout the country.

Give us a call today (we answer our own phones) and allow us to help you have peace of mind and insure your home. There are even perks such as discounts for combining homeowners and auto insurance. FYI, we are a local Utah company and are local Utah residents.

What type of homeowners insurance will I need?

Personal Property Coverage

helps cover any personal costs it may take to repair or replace any damaged or destroyed items and personal belongings.

Dwelling Coverage

will help ensure that your home is protected along with structures that are attached to it. For example plumbing, the roof of the home, and walls.

Other Structures Coverage

will help protect other property that is not directly attached to your home such as a yard fence or garage, or even a shed.

Personal Liability Coverage

will help protect you in the event that someone alleges that you are responsible for damage to their property or personal injury.

Loss of Use Coverage

will help cover your living expenses in the event that you are not able to live in your home for a temporary period of time due to damage.

Medical Payments Coverage

will help pay for treatment if someone else gets injured on your property.

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